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Want free telephone calls?

If you have an existing internet connection, you could be making calls to other VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephone free of charge! Calls to other landlines and mobiles are also cheap, and the flexibility with using VOIP systems is outstanding.

VOIP telephone systems are fully featured, including:

  • Make many incoming and outgoing calls on one line
  • Extension numbers and call holding system
  • Virtual switchboards
  • Call queueing during busy times
  • Have a geographic number from anywhere in the UK
  • Voicemail using office hours
  • Have multiple phones which ring at the same time

With VOIP you have have multiple phones which ring at the same time, including mobile phones, and they can be anywhere in the world. This means you can have a phone in the office, one at home and also divert to your mobile - and never miss a call again!

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