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PC healthcheck

A PC healthcheck is important if you want your computer to be reliable and not let you down. Prevention is much better than cure, and our healthcheck will ensure your computer is running in top condition.

Your computer is made up of many delicate electronic and mechanical components which are sensitive and require regular care. By implementing a proactive healthcheck the life of your pc will be prolonged and the reliability greatly increased.

For home users, we recommend healthchecks every 6 months, and for business users at least every 3 months.

We offer two levels of service:

Basic healthcheck : £45

This takes around two hours onsite, and includes:

  • Physical cleaning & tidying inside
  • Hardware check (Fans, Audio, Graphics, Drives)
  • Removal of temporary files
  • System boot check
  • Registry cleanup
  • Standard spyware, malware and fraudware checks
  • Check operating system update procedure

Full healthcheck : £65

This is normally performed offsite as it takes much longer, and includes all the basic healthcheck plus:

  • In-depth spyware, malware and fraudware checks
  • Updated virus definitions or provision of free antivirus software
  • Improve system startup time
  • Defragment hard drive(s)
  • Service pack and driver updates
  • Performance check and report



Please note that whilst this healthcheck does include a lot more checks than would be done by most PC repair firms, it does not include labour or parts should any further repairs be necessary. Repairs will not be carried out without your prior consent.

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